RIP & Print Software with innovative Color Management

Professional RIP and Print management software with a user-friendly interface supporting all important textile inkjet printers available on the market.

Color Management and Calibration Utilities

Color Management Engine with full ICC compliance

The innovative color management engine supports almost any ink combination and allows multicolor calibration through ICC RGB profiles.
Supports full SoftProof capabilities and in-gamut processing in various image processing software.
Print what you see with hueman CMS!
Supported inks are:
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Grey, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Second Colors

Ink control and linearization

In digital printing it is very important to control ink usage given that printing is usually performed with far lower ink levels than in conventional printing. nčoStampa permits controlling ink levels in printing in a fast and simple manner and for multi-channel printing systems, to linearize the response of each color channel independently.

Color Substitution & Detection

nčoStampa is able to select a specific color from the design and modify it by assigning a LAB, RGB or CMYK value. It also permits to read a color by using a spectrophotometer and therefore to achieve the exact matching of the chosen color.
With nčoStampa you can assign a color from the working design to a cartridge containing a special color or to assign the color to a cartridge combination.
nčoStampa automatically detects special color layers in PDF documents (PANTONE © solid coated, uncoated, etc.) and reassigns the correct LAB value in order to achieve best color-matching results.


nčoStampa creates professional contract quality proofs on your inkjet printer. A color profile of the printing press can be selected, and nčoStampa will generate a printout in the actual printer, simulating the color that will be obtained in the traditional printing output.

Textile Printing Options

Rapport Printing

The printing of fitting motives for continuous repeating production is made possible by the Rapport function of nčoStampa. The program includes special options to set the drop of the motives in such a way as to make them perfectly fit. Specify the number of meters required or an infinite length.

Quick Copies & Automatic Numbering

This tool allows the automatic creation of multiple copies of the same design, with instant preview capability and possibility to graphically modify the copies.
Total control of spacing between designs and possibility of adding cutting lines. It is also possible to generate numbered copies with pre-determined incremental numbering series.
This assistant allows for much design time-saving in the confection of numbered design originals (sports t-shirts and equipment, serial number plates, etc). Design only one original and let nčoStampa make as many copies as needed modifying automatically the numbering on each.

Editing Tools

Design Cropping

A powerful function to select part of a design and cut it along the selected area. A very handy feature to print part of a large design, saving time and material, allowing the application of different ICC profiles to perform print tests to select the best profile.

Automatic & Advanced Panelling

If designs are too large (length and width), automatic pagination or tiling will be automatically made. Design will be divided in all necessary parts and optional overlapping between pages will be made to facilitate the job. It is possible to graphically displace areas where pages will be divided to avoid the coincidence with specific design areas.
A powerful function to automatically generate independent panels of a given design, with the possibility of generating overlapping and the adjustments of the design to the panels. This is a very handy function to prepare show and display panels.

Nesting & Automatic Distribution

This function places and distributes efficiently all designs, saving time and material. The manual distribution assistant allows the quick positioning avoiding the design accidental overlapping.

More Functions

Queue Manager

The Job Manager allows to quickly free the program the processing printing task, thus freeing the program to start working with the next job. The SERVER (optional) provides high productivity tools for the production environment. All jobs received from networked computer units (clients) will be queued for each printer, either by assigned job priority or by different chosen materials.

Hot Folder

nčoStampa's hot folder option processes and prints design with automatic nesting in unattended function. Define different folders for queues of each material for each printer and to group all of the jobs with similar material from their originating computer to the printer.

Real cost calculation.

This is a very interesting utility for the calculation of real printing costs. It is very difficult to know the exact real consumption of each printing carried out, specially in textile printing in which ink consumption may vary greatly between different originals.
nčoStampa contains an application that keeps track of the real consumption of every printing and generates a report containing real printing costs. This analysis may be carried out before or after printing.

Supported Printers

  • ATP
  • see Mimaki, Mutoh or Roland printer drivers W6400, W7200, W8499
  • DGI
  • Rex RJ-62, VistaJet VT-92, VistaJet VT-100, VT IV 62, VT IV 98, XP-2506, XP2506D
  • Encad
  • Croma 24, NovaJet PRO 600e, NovaJet PROe
  • Epson
  • Stylus Color 3000, Stylus Pro 4000, Stylus Pro 4400, Stylus Pro 4800, Stylus Pro 5500, Stylus Pro 7000-7500, Stylus Pro 7400, Stylus Pro 7600, Stylus Pro 7800, Stylus Pro 9000-9500, Stylus Pro 9400, Stylus Pro 9600, Stylus Pro 9800, Stylus Pro 10000, Stylus Pro 10600
  • dGen
  • see Roland printer drivers
  • Dupont
  • Artistri 2020
  • Graphtec
  • JX2100, JX2150, SignJet Pro
  • Hollanders
  • see Mutoh printer drivers
  • HP
  • DesignJet 2000-2500CP, DesignJet 3000-3500CP, DesignJet 450C, DesignJet 5000
  • Ichinose
  • ImageProofer, 2020 model
  • Konica-Minolta
  • Nassenger V
  • Mecchanica Tessile
  • see Mimaki printer drivers
  • Mimaki
  • JV3-75SP, JV3-160SP, JV3-250SP, JV4-130, JV4-160, JV4-180, TX2-1600
  • MS
  • see Mimaki printer drivers
  • Mutoh
  • Falcon Graphics RJ-4100, Falcon Graphics RJ-6100, Falcon II 50 / 64 / 87 Falcon Outdoor 48 / 62 / Jr., Osprey 102, Rockhopper II 50 / 64 / 87 Viper 65, Viper 90, Viper TX 65, Viper TX 90
  • Reggiani
  • DReAM
  • Resolve
  • X21
  • Robustelli
  • Monna Lisa
  • Roland
  • AdvancedJET AJ-1000, Camm JET CJ-500, Camm JET CJ60-70, CammJet PRO-II CJ-540 ColorCamm PC-50 - PNC-5000, ColorCamm PRO PC-60, ColorCamm PRO PC-600 HiFi Jet FJ-40-42, HiFi Jet FJ-50-52, HiFi Jet PRO FJ-400, FJ-500, FJ-600 HiFi Jet PRO-II-FJ-540, SolJet PRO-II SC-540, SolJet PRO-II SJ-540, SJ-740, SJ-1000EX SolJet PRO-II V SC-545-EX, SolJet PRO-II V SJ-545 EX, SJ-645 EX, SJ-745 EX VersaCamm SP-300, VersaCamm SP-540V
  • SSK
  • PrintTech 36
  • Tschudi Technology
  • see Mutoh printer drivers
  • other printers
  • on request

Supported File Formats

  • Pixel or Bitmap-based Formats: BMP, RLE, TIF, JPG, PCD, PSD
  • Vector or combined Formats: EPS, DCS, DCS 2.0, PS, AI, PDF
  • Internal Layout Formats: CP4, CP5

  • Supported Color Spaces: RGB, CMYK, LAB / CIELAB D50, 2°, Grayscale auto-recognition of embedded ICC profiles

Supported Spectrophotometers

  • Avantes: Spectrocam
  • GretagMacbeth: Spectrolino, SpectroScan, EyeOne (Pro)
  • Xrite: DTP 32, DTP 41, DTP 51