Team Work by Inèdit

Inèdit has multiple options to make your team work together, with a integrated workflow and all under control!

Our goal is to interconnect and integrate our software to work in a more rapid and effective, as well as monitor and prevent errors.


neoCatalog manages of all your designs, colorways and ambient simulations, with full control of the users privileges.
You can decide what can be done and what can be seen by your customers, with full control of the exclusives.
Allows to make colorways via web, make stunning ambient simulations, and generate PDF for your customers.
neoCatalog can be connected to your management system for information exchange.


Powerfull for colorations (only for Mac OS X), always connected to neoCatalog to keep updated designs, colorways, color libraries, color profiles...
Supports user authentication against neoCatalog, with multiple levels of privileges.
Any change on neoCatalog is automatically syncronized to all neoColorBox users.

neoCatalog for iPad

neoCatalog for iPad can take a copy of neoCatalog to bring with you, even when no Internet connection available. Once you have internet connection can synchronize the information back to neoCatalog.
Also available for your iPhone. Take all the designs with you! .


neoControl connects with neoStampa to control the status of the printers, what has been printed and what has been the cost of the printout, all via web interface.
Allows to export all this information in Excel format.


neoStampa is powerfull RIP that drives your printers with one of the best color managements availables.
neoStampa is connected to neoControl to notify all the work done.
Jobs generated by neoColorBox, neoColorations or your production system can be printed automatically in neoStampa.


neoColorations is a Photoshop plug-in that can be connected to neoCatalog to publish colorways automatically on the web.
Also can be connected to neoStampa for automatic printing.